Welcome to Get Real Revolution. We are under construction.

Get Real Revolution was birthed out of both our pain and our passion: The pain of losing everything and having to rebuild our life and faith from rock-bottom, and the passion of experiencing first-hand the amazing, resilient, incessant, invincible grace of God in the process.

Little did we know through all the years of devastation, how much our religious upbringing, and much of what we had been taught to believe about God, got in the way of our spiritual, emotional and mental health. The only word that comes close to describing what has taken place in our hearts, our souls, our minds, our life and our relationship since then is: Revolution.

Get Real Revolution is our opportunity to unravel some knots and rattle some cages. To share something useful from the wells of our pain, the abundance of our failures and the wealth of lessons learned along the way.

Our desire is to create a place for restless, roaming, renegade hearts. Jesus for the rest of us: The left over parts of us that don’t fit neatly in the box, and the left over people who don’t fit in the box at all. A place for the misfit, the outsider, the prodigal in all of us, who knows the ache of being demeaned, demolished, dissatisfied and disappointed and still refuses to give up on faith, hope and love.

We have some big news.

The big news is that we are bringing our existing flagship live course under Get Real Revolution. Renamed and updated for the 2019 Fall semester, Reset has proven a powerful, faith-transforming experience for our former students. We are super excited to bring this course back with fresh vision and passion to take this life-changing journey with those who want to go deep in rethinking their faith.

We are also introducing a new live course for those in the Ottawa area. Crush is an intensive, deep-dive into getting unstuck in areas of persistent defeat. If you, or someone you know, struggles deeply in one or more areas of life or faith, this course will unlock some major doors for you.

The biggest news is that we are just getting started! We have lots more in the works, including our podcasts, videos, blogs, online courses, live events and other top secret goodies. They’ll be packed with stories of our adventures in all things getting real, and lots of food for thought that’s delicious for your mind, nutritious for your soul and always free from genetically-modified religious pesticides.

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If you want to connect with us directly, please drop us a line or private message us on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting and joining us as we prepare to launch Get Real Revolution. Please check out our courses and the rest of our website while we’re building all the rest. We have big ideas and big dreams. We can’t wait to share them with you.

Bill & Esther