What our students are saying…

“So good! Life-changing. Wonderful teaching.” Margo

“I was transformed at every ah-ha moment—and there were a lot of them! This is the first time I have studied a manual so fully on my alone time. I so want this teaching to be a part of me, my foundation so I can build on it. I feel so close to God right now. I am so incredibly grateful to Bill and Esther for making this course possible. It has changed my life. This is my beginning!” Danielle

Enormous. This course was beyond words. As a Christian, I have gone to different churches, but I did not understand and grasp what Jesus did on the cross. Bill and Esther put it into practical application. It has enabled me to believe in Christ’s hope for me and given me a positive, reassuring outlook on how to walk in strength instead of constant weakness.” Dan

“This has been an excellent course. So life-giving and heart-shaping. It will continue to be life-changing as I digest it. I loved the demolishing of ‘sacred cows.’ Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would take this course again.” Anne

Amazing foundational teaching. How come I am only learning this now? I want to take this course again!” Doug

“This course was awesome. Having taught many of these Bible passages myself for over 30 years, I learned four new things in just the first evening. I loved all the examples and clean delivery by Bill and Esther. I would love to do it again.” Jim

“I can literally say I would not be the same without this course. I would take it again. There have been many circumstances in the past year that without what I’ve received from this course, I may not have made it through with the same victories. I am a different person. My life is a different life because of Reset. ” Andrea

“This course has helped me in so many ways. I really appreciate the fact that Bill and Esther used many examples from their own personal life. The teaching is very well broken down and made me understand the Bible in such a simple way that I can actually apply in my everyday life. Now I just ‘get it’!” Jennifer

“This course is a gift that will continually be unwrapped and revealed over time. Everything was clearly and practically explained in a simple way that allows me to see grace for what it is, its purpose and how it’s available to me. This course has opened my eyes. I want to take it again! It has made me hungry to learn and grow more.” Sarah

“Great course! You shed much light on my understanding of grace and all its benefits. I have experienced greater freedom in living out my victorious life.” Jeanne

“The topics and scriptures we went over I have know since I was a kid, but Bill and Esther taught me to see them in a different perspective. It’s way more clear to me now! I highly recommend Reset to everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been walking with God.” Jessica

“Reset has brought clarity to what and why I believe. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” Larissa

“Well done and a huge thanks to Bill and Esther. I am able to dance in the fields of grace knowing that sin has no hold on me.” Joel

“Super cool teaching. Straight up and to the point. Life-changing and awesome!” Nate

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