We are Bill and Esther. We are married and happy.

Getting married was easy. We did that on a beautiful, snowy New Year’s Eve. The happy part took us a long, long time.

Six children, two countries, eight cities and 30 years later, we have been through some stuff. A lot of stuff. So much stuff, that we have become experts in the grace of God for all the right reasons:

We have f*up everything in sight at least once, mostly more than once.

Today, we are still married and finally happy because of Jesus.

And that is how to offend almost anyone in two short sentences: Some are losing their minds right now over the “f*up” thing, and others over the “Jesus” thing. A few are like, “It’s all good.”

That’s the beauty of God’s grace, we are all covered by it. It works for every condition, every person, every offense. The grace of God is the great equalizer. It reminds us of who we really are: Wonderfully imperfect… and perfectly acceptable.

That’s why we love Jesus, because we have discovered the long and the hard way, that He is for us—for every part of us and for everyone of us—not just for the religious life or for the privileged few.

Our passion is to unpack with you the infinitely practical wonders of this strong, powerful, profound, amazing grace.

Shedding our religious luggage and getting real with God, with ourselves and with each other has revolutionized our life and our marriage. We know it can do the same for you.

Welcome to Get Real Revolution.

Bill & Esther Sangalli