“So good! Life-changing.”


“I was transformed at every ah-ha moment—and there were a lot of them!”


“Enormous. This course was beyond words.”


“Life-giving and heart-shaping.
I would take this course again.”


“Amazing foundational teaching.
How come I am only learning this now?”


Our courses are the gold standard for rethinking our faith in a way that both honours our traditional Christian roots and boldly challenges those aspects of Christian culture that keep us shackled in shame, fear, confusion, ignorance and intolerance—instead of setting us free to love and to be loved.

Our courses are in-depth, myth-busting, paradigm-shifting, heart-transforming experiences forged in the fires of real-world struggles for answers that deeply satisfy every part of us and are useful in every area of our life—where we no longer have to choose between faith, reason and reality.

More people than ever are having crises of faith, faced with the choice of either being true to themselves and abandoning God, or accepting a lesser version of God and of themselves. There is a better choice: A rediscovery of everything that made us fall in love with Jesus in the first place—or maybe you’ve never known Jesus that way at all—free from genetically-modified religious pesticides.

There is a better choice. A reset. A revolution.

For the dissatisfied

Our flagship course

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For the defeated

Our most intensive course

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